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A form of exercise that has slower more controlled movements. The main objective is to improve posture and strengthen the muscles surrounding the core of the body.

Chi PIlates – A Pilates class that incorporates Tai Chi.

This can be used as a form of relaxation and meditation, however, dynamic stretching is involved. Strength postures are held for a short period of time. Through Yoga, you will help to improve your posture and suppleness.

Hatha Yoga – General yoga with a warm up, gentle to intermediate level postures and relaxation at the end.

Ashtanga Yoga – This is a more active form of yoga. The class is 75 minutes long to enable you to go through most of the 47 yoga postures with a nice relaxation at the end.

PowerChi Yoga – This is a yoga class with a Tai Chi warm up. It is ideal for beginners or people with injuries that cannot do regular yoga classes.