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The class descriptions are only a guideline. The best way to find out about a class is to speak to the instructor or just "go for it"!! Please arrive promptly for classes to avoid inadequate warming up. If you arrive five minutes late you will not be allowed to participate as you may incur an injury. Thank you for your co-operation and have fun!! Sara Dove ~ Studio Co-ordinator.

Aquacise – A 45 minute class in the swimming pool. You are standing up in the water exercising the upper body with mitts and dumbbells and plenty of aerobic work as well.

Bosu – This is a new piece of equipment with a dome side and a flat side. It is used for both cardio conditioning, muscular strength and endurance exercises. This is integrated balance training at it’s best!

Top To Toe Condition – A conditioning class that will do toning exercises to the upper and lower body.  There will be a 15 minute aerobic warm up then strength work using equipment.

Salsa Fit – Latino style dance moves in a fitness class format.

Below The Belt – This is a bums, legs & tums class with a difference.  Most of the exercises are done using stability balls and the gliding discs.

Ball & Glide Workout – This class is design to improve your posture, flexibility and core muscles located in the trunk of the body. You will notice improvement in your body shape. The exercises are done on the stability balls and gliding discs.

Total Body Workout – This class is a mixture of cardio conditioning and toning exercises. You will feel invigorated and firmed up.

Studio Cycling – With an instructor you will experience the ride of your life.  This is a class on static bicycles.  The instructor will take you on an imaginary course, which will consist of hills, racing and various cycling positions.

Pedal & Pump – Studio cycling, upper body work and abdominal.

Cycle & Ab’s – 40 minutes of cycling and 15 minutes of stomach work.

Bike & Bosu – 30 minutes of cycling and 30 minutes of integrated balance training on the Bosu.

Cycle & Circuit – 30 minutes of cycling and in the classroom for circuit training. There are different stations of exercise where you work for a short period then move on to the next station.

Body Max – This is a weights training class using the Body Max dumbbells and a step. The warm up is done with weights then a lot of toning and strength training exercises.

Step & Tone – This is a class using step as the aerobic conditioning and includes toning exercises to improve and firm the body.

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