Muswell Hill
Tel 0208 883 0500

Class Timetable

All classes should be booked for.  You may book up to 3 days in advance.  Please notify the club if you need to cancel your class.  Thank You.

Muswell Hill
[B – Beginners, I – Intermediate, A – Advanced, All – All Levels]


9.30am Zumba Gold All Sandrine
10.30am Below The Belt I Sara
11.30am Chi Ball Method (75 mins) All Sara
6.30pm Step and Tone All Lance
7.30pm Pilates All Beverley
8.30am Below the Belt All Terri
9.30am Body Sculpt All Terri
10.30am Athletic Condition All Terri
11.45am Hatha Yoga (1 1/2 hr) All Helen
6.30pm Lo Impact & Tone B Lance
7.00pm Studio Cycling All Paul
8.00pm Hatha Yoga (1 Hour) All Sue
9.30am Cardio Sculpt I Terri
10.30am Pilates All Terri
11.30am Zumba All Gemma
6.30pm Zumba All Rose
7.00pm Cycle & Circuit All Lance
9.30am Top to Toe Conditioning I Terri
10.30am Chi Ball Stretch (75 mins) All Penny
11.45am Pilates All Sara
6.30pm Athletic Condition All Sara
6.45pm Aqua Zumba All Lucia
7.30pm Pilates All Sara
9.30am Cardio Sculpt I Pauline
10.30am Basic Pilates B Sara
11.30am Pilates All Penny
12.45pm Aquamotion All Vanesse
7:00pm Hatha Yoga (90 mins) All Jolanta
9.00am Step and Tone All Lance
10.00am Circuit All Lance
11.00am Zumba All Gemma
12.45pm Aquacise All Coralie
1.00pm Hatha Yoga All Jo
10.00am Cycle & Circuit All Paul
11.00am Zumba All Anelia
12.00pm Gentle Yoga (1 hour) All Sue

[B – Beginners, I – Intermediate, A – Advanced, All – All Levels]